We are all too busy. There is just too much going on – too many emails, too many appointments, too many demands. No matter how much we keep up with our to-do list, it grows and grows, squeezing out time for being still with our thoughts and for spending unstructured time with .

Amazingly, our tradition accounted for this. (Maybe not the emails specifically, but stay with me.) The Talmud teaches that we should make a fixed time to study Torah, knowing that unless we make a point of it, it will start to feel less than essential. It’s so easy to get caught up in grocery shopping, picking up the children on time from school, and attempting to catch up on emails! (My children would tell you I stink at the picking up on time part.)

So since we’ll never catch up on that stuff anyway, let’s take some time to sit together in the TOS sukkah next Monday after the Family Sukkot Breakfast. Rabbi Sonia will teach a brief Torah study on something that is of interest to all of us – happiness! Join us Monday, September 28 at 9:30am, directly following the TCEE Breakfast in the Sukkah for adult conversation and community. (I for one will be happy for the chance to spend some time with grown-ups! Plus I can’t wait to find out what the Rabbi has to say!)