dvorim blocks dvorim western wall

At the Trust Center, our block areas are for building, but also for much, much more. Our teachers thoughtfully integrate curricular goals such as learning about colors, building, shapes and sizes along with enhancing opportunities for social studies, problem solving and fine and gross motor growth. In honor of Israel’s upcoming birthday, the toddlers learned about the Western Wall. The teachers put up a template of the Wall to allow the children to experiment with blocks to create their own version.

As we constantly continue to learn ways to strengthen our teaching, we look to resources such as The National Association for the Education of Young Children to guide us, including pieces that are helpful to parents. Here’s an interesting piece on block-building that we’d like to share http://families.naeyc.org/content/qa-block-play-and-stem-learning. As efforts to teach about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in preschools grow, we do too!