Science and experimentation are a rich part of our curriculum as we want our children to be inquisitive and excited about their many daily “discoveries”.  In each of our classrooms we are developing the science process skills of observation, classification, and communication by providing  hands on science materials appropriate for young children.   Young children, because of their innate curiosity eagerly embrace all types of science activities and begin to understand fundamental science concepts and develop abilities of inquiry by using their natural curiosity to motivate exploration of their surroundings.      Perhaps you have already seen and read this recent article from the NY Times about the science skills that our children are leaning in our preschool classrooms.

Next week, many of our teachers will be attending a the “Science Through a Jewish Lens” conference at Hebrew College where we will will explore new and exciting ways to teach and encourage curiosity and creativity in children through science, technology, engineering, math and much more.  Of course, I will share some of what we have learned with you in the coming weeks.