At TCEE, we work hard to provide a balance of activities that address all domains while also respecting the needs and interests of the children and having our curriculum reflect both.  One of our younger preschool classes, the Dagim (fish) recently incorporated these elements in the train curriculum.  The Dagim children are fascinated by trains—particularly the MBTA Green Line train that runs right by our school.  So the teachers decided to devote a full unit of exploration, and celebration, of the trains we love so much.  A former Dagim student, now a member of the Ariyot (lions) class, who is a train buff kindly agreed to visit our classroom and share his expertise.  The children were excited to have this “guest speaker.”  We prepared for the visit by collecting our thoughts together and thinking about some of the questions we had about trains that we hoped he could answer.  The children came up with excellent thoughtful questions such as, “What is underneath a train?”, and “What makes a train go faster?” As a class project, we made our own green line trains out of cardboard egg cartons.  We turned them over and painted the bumped out halves with a glue/glitter/paint mixture.  The children worked so hard on this 3-D painting project!  After the “train” was painted we stuck a pom-pom “headlight” on the front so our little trains could see through the dark subway tunnels of Boston.