With Temple Ohabei Shalom’s Mitzvah Sunday (November 15) just around the corner, we’d like to share a reflection from one of our families who recently participated in our Family Mitzvah Team:

Last weekend, we joined a number of other families for the Family Mitzvah Team event to help bake cookies for residents of the Pine Street Inn. It was a lot of fun to participate and a great opportunity to engage our entire family in Tzedakah and Tikun Olam. There aren’t always a lot of opportunities for young children to be actively involved in community service, but this was a great way for our girls to literally get their hands dirty while helping others. We strive to convey to our children how fortunate we are to have basic necessities like a warm bed and food to eat, and events like these help make this possible.¬†As an added benefit, we were able to meet other families from the community as we worked as a team to bake hundreds of cookies. As parents of current and former children at TCEE, we have always been so grateful to be embraced by the wonderful Ohabei community and we look forward to joining similar events in the future.