At the Trust Center, we celebrate Shabbat in the classroom each Friday.  But one Friday each month, we gather as an entire school community — students, teachers, administrators, clergy, parents, siblings and caregivers — for our Shabbat Sing. We’re really excited to host our families for our first Shabbat Sing next Friday morning. I recently talked with two Trust Center parents, Julie and Rebecca, about their daughters’ experience with this school tradition.

Liz:  What makes Shabbat Sing special?

Julie: Fridays are always filled with excitement in our house, but my daughter looks forward to Shabbat Sing Fridays most of all.  On Shabbat Sing days, we meet her class in the Chapel before school starts, and sing special Shabbat songs with the whole school.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for the TCEE community to come together, watch our kids sing with joy and total abandon, and celebrate Shabbat. On these special days, she runs all the way to school – it can be hard to keep up!  Once the Shabbat Sing starts, my daughter leaps out of her seat, belting out her favorite Shabbat songs, and thoroughly enjoying the whole experience

Rebecca: There is definitely a lot of joy in the room during Shabbat Sing.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my daughter dance so much or sing so loudly.  It’s also wonderful to see — up close — the terrific friendships she’s developed with her classmates and the warmth she feels for her teachers.  The kids greet each other and sing and dance together with a ton of affection and enthusiasm.

Liz: What do you enjoy most about Shabbat Sing? 

Julie:  As a parent, I love to see my daughter having so much fun and am so grateful that we can share the special time together.

Rebecca: I agree — It’s wonderful to take part in the school’s Shabbat celebration as a family. My younger daughter, before she was preschool aged, often joined her older sister for for Shabbat Sing.  It was so great for her to get a glimpse into her big sister’s life at school.  I think it helped her feel excited to start at the Trust Center herself, and she loves knowing the songs that the older kids sing.

Liz: What are your daughters’ favorite Shabbat Sing Songs?

Rebecca: “Challah in the Oven!” For sure.

Julie:  “Bim Bom”

Liz: Thanks so much for sharing, Julie and Rebecca. I’ll see you next week at the Shabbat Sing!