The story of Chanukah tells of a one-night supply of lamp oil that miraculously lasted for eight nights, long enough for a community to get back on its feet. There have been times in my life when I was convinced I didn’t have enough — but turned out, thanks to my community, to have exactly what I needed. You, too? It’s a great feeling!

Right now there are people in our own city who don’t have enough, so we’re planning another Family Mitzvah Team project on December 13, to help stock the shelves of the Brookline Food Pantry, just around the corner. At this season when there’s so much pressure to focus on material things, it will feel great to be part of something larger than ourselves: feeding the hungry in our midst. And how fitting to do it on the last night of Chanukah! As we light that eighth candle and sing the blessings for the last time this year, we will be a part of creating the miracle of enough that we’ve been celebrating all along.

Please join me on Sunday, December 13 at 4:30pm for Family Mitzvah Team. We’ll work in Lissner Hall, downstairs at the Temple, and after we’ve completed our project, we’ll enjoy a simple pizza dinner and light the menorah together. Sign up here.