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The back to school season can be exciting, stressful, and everything in between!  While families are juggling end-of-summer vacations, childcare and shopping for supplies, we are working hard getting ready to meet and greet your children and families.  While we appreciate the extra time to clean and organize our classrooms between the end of Summer Fun and the beginning of the school year, what we value the most is the time together, bonding as teams and as a staff and learning together.  The tradition of Jewish education goes back to biblical times. One of the basic duties of Jewish parents is to provide for the instruction of their children.  As educators, we believe as TCEE is an extension of home for your and we are also obligated to provide learning opportunities for your children throughout the day, enhancing  and supporting their social-emotional, physical and intellectual needs. In addition to learning with our TOS staff, we are lucky that our relationship with Gateways provides us with additional support and expertise to enhance our staff training.  Together, we strive to meet children where they are, not where we think they should be.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!