As spring blossoms fill the air and warm-weather clothes finally emerge from the basement, I’m noticing something. My kids’ clothes from last summer don’t fit anymore. Things that were Goldilocks-right (or even, at one time, too big) are now tugging at the seams. My so-called babies are growing up. It’s the same in houses and apartments all across the TCEE community – I see it when I visit the classrooms or see your children at Temple events. They are growing and maturing; sometimes, it seems, even as we watch.

So it is with our wonderful school! After five years, the TCEE is operating at full capacity with an ever-lengthening waiting list. It’s time to move to bigger quarters.

welcome desk view

We are very excited about the construction that will take place over the summer here at TCEE. Everything is going according to schedule with the architects, and we are busily planning how to use the new space. An expanded communal kitchen, for example, will allow us to enrich our curriculum with even more experiential opportunities, while the thoughtfully-designed entryway and hallway will create more space for community interaction while discreetly enhancing security.

toddler classroom entry view                                 kitchen view

Our school is incredibly fortunate to have received a generous two-for-one matching grant from the Trust Family Foundation to support construction. That means that every dollar raised is effectively tripled! If at the year’s end you would like to help us help each other, please download the donation form and return it today. Thank you for your generosity.

As we enter this season of growth, let us continue to go from strength to strength!