During morning meeting, observing the weather is part of the daily reporter’s job. The children know the weather will decide where we will be playing that day. Because our classroom is on the third floor, the daily reporter observes the weather from the classroom window.

When it’s “bright yellowy light”, the daily reporter will choose the “sunny” card to put on the schedule. Other times, there might be a discussion about whether it can be sunny and cloudy at the same time. When it is raining, the children observe the raindrops on the windows. They are looking forward playing in the snow, which will should be arriving soon!

Morah Debbie asked two children why we need to know about the weather each day. M said, ”We want to know if we can go outside or not. We track the weather each day to know if it is too cold to play outside.” Her friend K said, ”We want to know if it is rainy, cloudy, or sunny.” Their responses let the teachers know they are aware of the weather and how it will affect their day at school.