My children look forward the events planned for this coming Sunday all year long.  It is truly a highlight of their year, an annual tradition, a community event not to be missed … Pumpkinfest at Lincoln School!    Imagine my dismay when I discovered that Pumpkinfest and TOS’ Mitzvah Day coincide on the very same day on our busy fall calendar.

As we struggle with our busy schedules, I spoke with my girls about the events planned for Sunday and our scheduling dilemma.  As they are getting older, I am trying to teach them about the choices that we make as we lead our busy, modern American lives.  Together, we decided that we would attend BOTH events on Sunday, sacrificing a little of each so that we can be at part of each program.

I  am so glad that we have to make room for these two important community events on Sunday.  Pumpkinfest is such an important part of the Lincoln school community.  Everybody in the school is involved in some way or another parents, teachers and students.  (You will find my husband Mike at the Snack Shack.) It is a tremendous fundraiser for the school PTO which supports the school in so many ways.

Mitzvah Day supports our TOS community in many ways too.  As I see it, Mitzvah Day inspires people to acknowledge the common problems in our society and take a stand together. It recognizes the power of social action as a galvanizing force in a community and seeks to develop its role and scope throughout the year. It is so wonderful to see our TOS community come together for a day of giving back.

More than just an act of kindness, a mitzvah is the Jewish way to build just and caring communities.   Mitzvah Day establishes and illustrates our personal and community values to our children and teaches them about our collective and individual responsibilities to repair the world.  I know that this may sound a bit intimidating or overwhelming, but it is also a fun and exciting morning, packed with friends and projects for the entire family.   Mitzvah Day will introduce you and your family to a variety of community volunteer opportunities. Parents and children have the opportunity to work on projects together and have the sense of gratification and fulfillment that comes from helping people and organizations in need.  We hope that Mitzvah Day will encourage you to repair the world every day, on your own, with your family or through the congregation’s social action programs. Mitzvah Day is truly the perfect community event for our children to learn these important worldly lessons.

Please pick your project and RSVP today.    I look forward to working with you to make the world better through our collective participation in Mitzvah Day.  My family and I hope to see you there!

PS:  We will be heading over to Pumpkinfest around 12:30 pm.  let me know if you want to join us for the afternoon.