The Parent Connection is a special feature of our TCEE site that will provide only  families access to teacher blogs and other protected content. Teachers are updating the blogs three times a week, and posting pictures, video, quotes, and summaries! After you login and read all about what happened in school, join in the conversation–what did you think of the blog, the lesson? Contribute your tips for having after-school discussion on topics, questions for teachers, and ideas to share with other parents!


  • To access your student’s classroom blog,
  •  click the “Parent Connection” link on the right side of the page.
  • You’ll be asked to login (“Authentication required.”)
  • Enter the username and password as sent out in TCEE parent communication. Call our
  • office at 617-264-2801, or email Ariana at
  • The password will change monthly to keep the content of our classroom blogs secure.
  • Once you login, you’ll see the main Parent Connection page. Select your child’s class, and you can read their blog!
  • Once you login to the Parent Connection, you won’t need to login again for the rest of the session, even if you navigate to another part of the page.