Many of you know I ride the T to work most days, parking my car in Newton. It is logistically foolish: every afternoon when I leave the office, I race to the T stop and take the train to my car, so I can be on time to pick up my boys from school in Watertown. Riding the T is partly an environmental decision, but True confession time: I do it mainly because it offers me a guaranteed 40 minutes every day for reading. I just love to read! If I’m not reading a book, I’m catching up on the New York Times Book Review to decide what to read next.

I love what happens when a really good book grabs me by the throat. I am partial to literary fiction and when I’m in the thrall of a great story, I start to feel like the characters are my companions in life, and I think about them even when the book isn’t in hand. When I get two-thirds through a book, I tend to become almost obsessed, looking for every possible minute to sit down and read. (Sorry about the burned dinner, kids!) Then when I start to approach the end, I want to slow way down, so I can savor the last few pages.

And after the last page is turned, I get a little mopey…until I start the next book!

I recently finished reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, a book so enthralling that I was secretly happy when there was a delay on the T. Next on my list is Allegra Goodman’s The Cookbook Collector, and after that I will tackle the first selection for the TOS Talks Book Club: Rabbi Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People. (By the way, I encourage you to join Rabbi Saltzman on April 2 for our first TOS Talks Book Club meeting – more details on our TOS Talks web page!)

For all these reasons, I was thrilled when Education Director Shari Churwin and TCEE Teacher Edye Katz asked me to join them in organizing the TOS Book Fair! How better to combine my love of reading with my interest in building community? (Speaking of which: if you’d like to help with setup or staffing the fair, we need you! Please be in touch!)

Our Book Fair will feature a great lineup of children’s books, as well as titles from the three TOS Talks speakers: Rabbi Harold Kushner, Sherry Turkle, and Ron Susskind. The dates are April 6-8, with a sneak preview available during the April 4 Teacher Appreciation Shabbat B’yachad. (Note: no purchases will take place on Shabbat, but we welcome you to look around and prepare a wish list or make an order to be paid up after Shabbat.)

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite books – for yourself, for your children. Send me an email and I’ll start a list to appear on this blog just before the book fair! Happy reading!

We’ll need lots of helpers to make the Book Fair happen! Sign up here to participate!