I am pleased to announce that today, August 15, 2014, Andy received a temporary Certificate of Occupancy for our 3rd floor construction project. The classrooms look beautiful and are almost ready for the next phase of our work. The movers are coming on Wednesday, August 20 so we can begin to set up the classrooms for the DEEC license visit (September 4), Ribbon Cutting (September 4) and opening day of school (September 8).

Thanks to the Laura Trust and Alan Litchman for their vision, support and the day to day management of this project. Many, many thanks to Andy, Ben and their crew for their tireless efforts in this work. They have had many, many long days in order to meet this deadline. I would also like to thank the entire Construction Committee for their guidance and to the TOS custodial staff and office staff and clergy for all of their assistance over the past weeks.

You can find pictures from today below. Check our Facebook Page video from our TCEE Ice Bucket Challenge and a picture of the newest addition to the TCEE family as I am pleased to announce that our prek teacher Edye Fine and her husband Russell Katz are the proud parents of a new baby, Lucas.

This is truly an exciting day for our entire community!!

Shabbat Shalom,