It’s month two of school and do you ever find yourself asking your child, “What did you do in school today?” What is the response that you get? Sometimes nothing,  an “I don’t know” or perhaps a one word answer or if you are LUCKY a bit more! Such an open-ended question can be overwhelming to even the most talkative child.  Where do they begin?

Go beyond “What did you do in school today?” Ask specifics: “Did your teacher read a story? Whom did you eat lunch with?”

Your goal: to get your child talking about what’s happening in class.

Try out some of these questions on your child.  Also take a look at the classrooms curriculum plans for the week. You can work off of that too. Check in with the teacher if you need more information/ideas.

  • Did you say or do anything nice today?
  • What toy/game did you play during playground time?
  • What did you build in the block area?
  • Did you have a classroom job today?
  • Did you use markers today?
  • I noticed there was___________________ on the table in your class.  What did you do with it?
  • What did you eat for snack?
  • Can you draw a picture about something you did today? While your child is drawing about his/her day, draw about yours! Discuss it together.

Be creative, have fun and keep trying!