A TCEE family has recently been blessed with triplet daughters! The girls are doing well and will soon be home. As I was talking with the mother when she dropped off her son at school, she mentioned that for now – while the girls are still in the NICU – the family is in good shape for meals, but that they are in need of a stroller.

It reminded me of a situation several years ago, when my boys were little. The stroller that had valiantly gotten us through Akiva’s stroller years was getting a little dilapidated, and Gideon was emphatically still a stroller person. (Wild horses couldn’t have gotten him to walk to the post office!) I didn’t want to buy a new one because I didn’t feel I’d get enough use out of it to justify the expense. After one particularly embarrassing walk, when the wheel fell off the stroller and rolled into traffic, I decided I needed help. I sent a request to my neighborhood mom’s e-list and got back – within a day – four offers of strollers. My morning walks with Gideon were transformed, not only because the stroller kept its wheels on, but because people we met along the way would express how glad they were that we’d found a stroller, or how sorry they were that they couldn’t help because they’d already given their stroller to someone else. The support from my friends and neighbors was heartwarming!

Back to TOS, though: our triplet family was in need, and I knew from personal experience that amazing things happen when the right connection is made. A busy mother of newborn triplets and a preschooler might not be in the position to ask around, but I was. I sent a message to the TCEE community, and literally had an offer of a double stroller in my inbox within minutes. The respective dads got in touch with each other, and soon the stroller was where it was needed most.

Happy to say, the girls are expected home soon. If you would like to help provide meal support for this family, please send me an email at community@ohabei.org. Together, a community can really make a difference!