SAM_1247Last week, I was invited to visit the TK (Transitional Kindergarten) enrichment class to share what I do each day as the Education Director here at Ohabei Shalom.  The children were interested about different kinds of jobs and had prepared a lengthy list of questions including … Do you wear a uniform? and What do you have in your office?  My favorite questions was, Do you use special tools?  and we had a chance to talk about all of the books that line the walls of my office and that a lot of my time is spent working with the teachers, which I would list as our center’s most special “tools”.   after my brief presentation, the children had an opportunity to “be the education director” and set up their own school.

This “What is Your Job?” project is a wonderful example of the richness of our TK program as it includes many different aspects that strengthen our children’s “kindergarten readiness” skills.  In our TK program we work with the children to help develop important social skills like, being able to take turns, sharing, and working cooperatively with other children.  Kindergarteners will spend a lot of time sharing materials and working in groups or pairs with their classmates. It is essential that they be able to do this without fighting, tears or fuss.  The Pretend play that followed my “talk” is a critical component of our program.  Through their play, the children had the chance to try out new vocabulary words (like Education Director) and role play. Pretend play is a wonderful low-stress space for practicing social skills and also teaches a lot about leadership and team work.

It was so much fun to be invited to the TK.  I hope that I get a chance to visit again soon.