Lind-Picture-2-180x180Mitzvah Day was such a wonderful reminder of the good that can come about when people volunteer their time and talent. The building was humming with families having fun and helping others. What a great way to demonstrate for our children the value of giving back to the community!

Offering to volunteer can be scary and overwhelming. Everyone is so busy with their own work, taking care of their children, keeping the household running; it’s hard to imagine adding anything! My experience has been no different. When I receive a request to help with something, my first instinct is to run away. Here’s why I don’t:

I have found that volunteering has connected me with other parents in my community so that ultimately I feel less alone. My closest friends now are the people I volunteered with at my children’s school. They are the people who bring me soup when I’m sick, or pick up my sons when I’m stuck in traffic, or invite the boys and me to dinner when my husband is out of town. I do the same for them, and life is better for all of us – and easier too. Although volunteering requires an investment of my time and energy, the payoff is tremendous and life-changing. No matter what goes wrong, I know that my community has my back, and you can’t put a price on that.